Q. Do you Ship?

A. Yes. I have become skilled at packing and shipping my work in the most economical, and safe way. I save you money at every turn by using saved packing materials from my own canvas shipments, and using my personal AAA discount among other secrets I’ve learned over the years shipping all over the globe.


Q. What type of Credit Cards do you take?

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)

  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)

  • American Express

  • Discover (US merchants only) 

Q. Do you do prints or can I find your work anywhere else?

A. No, I do not do prints or reproductions of my work. I am at this time not represented at any gallery, furniture store, Interior design studio, etc. All my pieces are one-of-a-kind, original and sold personally by me, in person.


Q. Is my information safe if I purchase from this artist?

A. Rachelle respects your privacy and will never sell, loan, rent, trade or give away any personal information that you offer during your visit. Personal information provided is only to be used for the services requested, such as processing an order and shipping your package to your address.

This website does not store payment information on site or in its databases.


Q. Can I shop on the website? 

A. Due to year round studio time, traveling and frequent sales, the site is mostly previously sold artwork. I have a studio & gallery you can make an appointment to visit as well as exhibiting at many fine art festivals throughout the year. I have many one-of-a-kind pieces you will only see there. The best way to get the right piece for you when you are ready is to come check out my current collection at my gallery, look at my show schedule, or contact me directly by phone, text or email to inquire about available work. 


Q. Does the texture chip or will it crack off?

A. It won't with proper handling and care, the same care used with any fine original artwork. In addition to using only use the highest quality, archival art materials, the texture is sealed with an archival adhesive.  


Q. Will the oxidation continue to change?

A. It won't. The process I use to produce the rust and patinas causes the metal particles to “chemically arrest” preventing any further oxidation to occur. I have sold work to many collectors that even place the work near a shower and have never had any issue or concerns come up in over 11 years of selling work to the public. 


Q. Can I place this on a wall that gets direct sunlight?

A. You can. I use only archival and lightfast paints, meaning any fading or discoloration from natural sunlight would take decades of continual exposure to make only a small difference in vibrancy.


Q. Does the piece require any special care?

A. The work does not require any more special care than any other original art piece would. Keep it dry and away from extreme temperatures and conditions and your piece will outlive us all.


Q. Will this size work in the space I’m thinking of? Will the colors go with my decor and complement my space?

A. Contact me directly, I'm happy to consult with you. In most cases I can come over for an interior consultation within 20 miles of my studio or show. It's common for clients to send me photos of their space and or bring me paint and fabric samples. Also, you can take it on approval! In most situations, at NO OBLIGATION I will allow you to take the piece home for viewing. Or, if it’s a large piece, I will deliver it to your home or office for a trial, if you live within 20 miles of my home or the art festival. 

Q. How long does it take you to make a piece?

A. Because of the layered process I use, I work on several pieces at a time, usually going back and forth between drying times on 3-4 pieces. That makes it more difficult to estimate total time but in general a large piece takes about a month from start to ready to hang.